Q: Where is my data stored?

A: All of your data is stored in encrypted form in the AWS secure storage, owned by one of the world’s leading cloud storage and computing companies, owned by Amazon. AWS allows organizations covered by the U.S. Health Services Data Transfer and Protection Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and their business partners to use the AWS secure environment for processing, maintaining and storing sensitive medical information. The data stored inside the user’s device is also protected by AES-256 encryption algorithms, one of the most resistant to cracking and used by most of the leading medical and financial organizations in the world. The most advanced encryption protocols are used to transfer data between your devices and servers (SHA-256 with RSA Encryption)

Q: How do my data get to CMed.Me?

A:All data about your health, as well as the health of your children, you enter into the system yourself.

There are some simple ways to store health data inside the platform:

  • Leaving the doctor’s office do not forget to make a note of the visit and take pictures of paper extracts using the smartphone’s camera.
  • Visiting the laboratory or after MRI / CT / X-ray examination – you can provide doctor with link to your profile within CMed.Me,  and it will be uploaded directly into your secured personal storage.

Q: What happens if I forget my password?

A:If you have forgotten your password, click the Login button on the first screen of the application, and after that – Forgot your password, located below the Password field.

Q: What will happen to my data if I lose or steal the phone?

A: We will, of course, sorry about you lost, but we also have some good news. First of all, you can easily access your data inside the platform again simply by logging into it in the usual way. And secondly, since the data inside the device is encrypted, the “new” smartphone owner will not be able to access your data, since they are encrypted and only the owner can access it.

However, we highly recommend using the smartphone lockout features built into the operating system (for example, Touch ID / Face ID for iPhone owners) to worry less about these issues.

Q: Use Email, Facebook, Google when registering? How safe is it? What is the difference? Can my data get online?

A: We do not use any data and do not do anything on your behalf or without your consent with your data.

When using one of these social networks, we use: profile id, your name and photo (if they are specified), and email. The owner of the profile is verified through two-way data exchange with these networks and only after confirming that you are the owner of the specified profile, we allow entry and access to data within the CMed.Me platform

From a security point of view, any of these methods (email, Facebook, Google) are equally safe if you follow a certain number of basic rules: you do not use the same password for different resources on the Internet, you have two-phase authentication enabled.

Q: Who has access to my data?

A:Only you have access to your data, and only you can decide to open those to whom you yourself have given access. Each adult member of the family decides who and at what point can see his data. Access to data on children and persons requiring special care is provided exclusively by the account holder. At any time you can change the list of those who have access to your data or close it completely.

Q: Can the platform staff see my health data?

A:Access to your data is available only to you and those persons whom you have granted access to.

Q: How to add a family member? Who can be my family?

A: This can be done exclusively by the account holder. Only the owner of the account to add with the circle of his family of any adult or child.

It is worth noting:

  • Each registered adult who has decided to join a family can both provide or deny access to their data.
  • Access to the data of all children added to the family is provided only by the account holder.

Q: How to get out of the family? Will I lose data?

A: In order to leave the family circle, you need to ask the account holder to remove your profile from the list of your family members. As soon as this happens, your profile become as another account holder account, so you will be able to independently keep your data or add other members to your family or become part of another family.

Q: Who is an Account Holder?

A: This is the person who first independently registered a family account within the platform.

Only the an account holder can make a decision about adding to the family of other adults or setting up children and persons requiring special care profiles.

Q: How to become part of the family?

A:There are two options to become part of a family:
Option 1: If you already have a profile inside the platform, you need to generate an access code for your profile and give it to the account owner. After that, the account holder can add you to his family by entering this code, or using a QR code (which will be displayed on the screen of your smartphone)
Option 2: Ask the account holder to add you to your family via email. To do that, the account holder will need to start the “Add a new family member” wizard from the list of family members  and select the type “Adult” from the proposed list of types of family members. After that, you will receive an email with the family access code for adding to the family, which you will need to specify when registering as a new user. After that, you will be automatically added to the host family.

Q: What is a profile access code?

A: The profile access code is a six-digit code, the expiration date for adding to the family of which is 30 minutes from the moment of generation.

Q: Did not find an answer to your question?

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