About CMed.Me


Mobile digital health data storage platform

CMed.Me is a single mobile digital platform for storing health history data.
We are not a software for clinics.
We are a platform for user.

By using CMed.Me, there is no rigid binding to one clinic. You can be examined and treated in different medical institutions and save information about your health history in one place – in CMed.Me

You will be able to save all important information such as health data (conclusions, appointments, certificates, extracts, laboratory data, x-rays and any other health related documents)

Health information will be available to you when you need it, anywhere (in any clinic, in any city and country)

CMed.Me is here for you if need to:

  • Do examinations in various clinics and laboratories
  • Plan to get a second opinion, collecting the entire history of previous surveys
  • You want to manage your health data yourself and give access to your doctor on health data.
  • Planning a trip abroad (data will always be with you)
  • You will be outside the country for a long time (work, study). All the information accumulated by you will be with you regardless of the country in which you have been treated and examined.
  • Want to provide information about the health of (yourself , your child or your loved ones) doctor, nurse or babysitter.


We only guard your health. It is so small, but so important.



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